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9" W X 7" H X 6" D | 10" HANDLE DROP


Carry your 6-pack of beer or use as a product to keep your food colder for longer. Features an insulated thermal interior, front pocket with nylon lining, and a zippered closure.

The Story Behind Mona 

Mona B is a lifestyle brand committed to producing high quality products while keeping sustainability in mind. Each bag in the Mona B Collection is an exclusive one-of-a-kind creation. We are continually designing in an effort to utilize materials that will impose less harm on the environment without compromising style. Each season we will continue to make conscience, creative choices while finding new innovative ways to remain sustainable 
and eco-friendly.

We are not perfect but we are dedicated to living a life of authenticity and daring to be the change that the world needs. 


Sustainable Fashion with a Conscience

The Mona B canvas collection is made with carefully selected wedges of up-cycled and durable trunk tarps and military tents sunbaked, weathered, and cured from the Indian deserts and jungles. The wedges are then hand stitched and screen printed to tell a unique story with an adventurous flair.

Fashion That's Earth Friendly

To add to our philosophy of sustainable design we are proud to introduce our collection of vegan leather bags. Each bag is made of high quality PU, which has the luxury feel of leather, but has less of an environmental impact than PVC or vinyl. 

Be Fearlessly Authentic

We are dedicated to our work towards being able to replace what we have taken from the environment. From consuming leather wastage and now using water-based dyes on our up-cycled canvas, we are continuously looking for ways to improve as we design and manufacture our product.