Sota Clothing IS HERE! (We're "Sota" Excited!)

If it’s authentic lake culture, it’s on our shelves. That’s why we’re stoked to announce our new retail partnership with Sota Clothing—fun, on-the-go fashion that’s 100% Minnesota-born. Whether you’re on the lake or simply dreaming of it, Sota Clothing has got you covered. And Lake It is where you’ll find their line of casual wear for men, women, and kids.

Our Lake It mission is to offer décor that brings the comfort, and serene beauty of lake culture into our customers’ homes, offices, and cabins. Now that we’re gearing up to distribute Sota Clothing through our online store and Lake It retail location in Duluth, you’ll be able to craft the perfect look for your lakeside lifestyle.

Right from the start, we knew we liked these guys: they’re as crazy about Minnesota’s lakes as we are! Sota Clothing’s founder, Spencer Johnson, tells us he wanted his creations to be “a wearable representation of everything that makes Minnesota great.” You’ll feel it for yourself when you try on Sota Clothing’s hoodies, T-shirts, tanks, or caps. They’re comfortable and creative, perfect for unplanned excursions and good times with friends. Here’s just a few favorites you’ll want to check out during your next visit to Lake It:

  • NEW!!! Pass your Minnesota pride on to the next generation with our selection of Sota's children’s clothing.

  • The versatile, ever-popular raglan sleeve Northwoods Zip Up Hoodie for men,  and women—designed for the great northern Minnesota outdoors year-round.
  • “Better Together” is the slogan for the Minnesota Nice Project, and we agree. This line of men’s and women’s tees benefit various Minnesota charities, including Masonic Cancer Center.
  • Don’t forget your Accessories—duffel bags, totes, sunglasses, coffee mugs, wallets, floaty keychains, koozies, and more (beer glasses count as accessories, right?).

And that’s just the beginning of what we’ve got in store. You’ll like how the Lake looks on you!